About us

The story of Sungshan Shaolin Temple in Chine and the development of kung fu (Wushu), Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan  and other martial arts and health-improving practices started more than 1,5 thousand years ago… In 2010 The Centre started to implement the program of uniting the Masters of different martial arts. In 2007 the Abbot of The Sunshan Shaolin Temple Master Shi Youngxin stressed this aspect as the one of the first priority for his disciple Shi Yanwei (the chairman on board of The Center Vyacheslav M. Rogov) Different kinds of martial arts are studied in our Center but the main thing is the spiritual closeness which unites all the people in The Center. Our trainers practice healthy lifestyle, are very devoted to their work and pass all their skills and knowledge to the students of the Center. It's very easy to feel the warmness of their hearts - talking to them can be quite enough. And to understand how competent they are you need only to visit the first free lesson. As the Shaolin Temple is the cradle of all martial arts, our Center is the place where representatives for all kinds of martial arts are united. The Abbot of The Sunshan Shaolin Temple Master Shi Youngxin highly estimated that part of our work, which had already been done, and showed us new fields of our further mutual development.


The Centre for studying martial arts settles the following issues:
•    To study traditional cultures of different nations;
•    To acquaint the representatives for martial arts of different countries with the culture and traditions of Russian people;
•    To organize the exchange of cultures, to carry out bilateral conferences, seminars, exhibitions, performances, delegations etc.;  
•    To create the cultural center for martial arts of the planet in Russia;  
•    To carry out tourism;
•    To study the styles of martial arts of Shaolin Temple – the cradle of martial arts;
•    To provide the adherents of martial arts with certificates;
•    To arrange studies of martial arts in Shaolin Temple;
•    To carry out the research of the psychophysical training of the Shaolin martial arts’ masters and the standards of ethical behavior;
•    To work out the code of the master of martial arts according to the Russian traditions;
•    To work out and implement the programs, methods and modes of psychophysical development and improvement for different age and professional groups of the population;
•    To study and implement the health-improvement systems of Shaolin Temple in order to create healthy life-style;
•    To use the experience of Shaolin Temple in psychophysical development of children at schools and seminaries.  
At the present moment The Centre has its own hall for trainings which is situated in VVC (AREC – The All-Russian Exhibition Centre) in the hall #53.

"The Center carries out active social policy! Free health-improving lessons take place every Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. Each group for children includes 2 children from poor families. These children study absolutely free in our Center. The Events devoted to traditional cultures of different nations regularly take place in The Center, as well as free exhibition performances carried out by the trainers of our Center (every weekend at the Industrial Square (Promishlennosti square) at 2.30 p.m.)


Our Center invites you to visit China (From July, 3rd till July, 18th)! The trip program includes such places, as Tibet, Lhasa, and Shaolin.



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