Series of Seminars "Oriental art in the European life"


The Center for Studying of Martial Arts, which has been studying oriental culture for several years, invites you to take part in the seminars “Oriental art in the European life”
Seminars are meant to improve physical health and help to learn simple techniques of improving psychosomatic condition. These techniques will help you to localize stress and won’t let it accumulate in your organism. You will become steady and eve-tempered and your immunity towards viruses will increase.


Two-week seminars
Seminars in different countries
Weekend seminar

Series of one-day seminars "The way of the tea"

Outdoor seminars in firms and organizations based on the "Anti-stress" program

Massage seminars


For the heads of martial arts schools
We are glad to invite you and trainers of your school to take part in the master-class, which will be held by Master Shi Yan Been, monk of the 34th generation of The Sunshan Shaolin Temple.

On the program:
1.    An opportunity to ask questions about Shaolin Temple (everyday life, trainings etc.)
2.    The specific of  monks’ pair work
3.    Techniques of Shaolintsuan
4.    Main techniques of an iron  palm
5.    Lessons of Shaolin Taolu.

Date and place are to be confirmed with the heads of schools.

Price - 600 roubles from a person

Get more by the phone.: +7 (499) 760-27-47
We are waiting for applications for master-classes

Sincerely yours,
 The chairman of board of The Center Vyacheslav M. Rogov


Our Center invites you to visit China (From July, 3rd till July, 18th)! The trip program includes such places, as Tibet, Lhasa, and Shaolin.



Russian State Duma Vice Chairwoman Visits Shaolin