Welcome to the world of martial arts

For more than 10 years our Centre has been occupied with martial arts and health-improvement. In our work we use the methods which have been practiced for many centuries and are now adopted to contemporary social people.

Our Centre carries out the following studies:

These studies help people to gain health, strengthen their bodies and spirit, reach the state of harmony and calmness, to have rest and to  recover after a hard working day, as well as they let people discover their internal reserves and abilities.
Our trainers are the team of professionals, who have titles and awards and who are ready to help you to reach the necessary result as soon as possible.
In The Centre for studying martial arts there are 3 wide sports halls, 1 VIP hall and a massage cabinet.

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Information about the studies:

Kung fu (wushu) –the martial art of the Shaolin monks. Kung fu helps to develop power, dexterity, stamina, speed and pliancy, gives the necessary skills in self-protection. дает необходимые навыки самообороны. They say in the East: “Everyone can find in  Kung fu something of personal interest”.
Kung fu with armor – the work with sword, perch, fighting fan and other kinds of traditional Shaolin monks’ armor. Armor is an ancient magical attribute, which strengthens person’s will.  
Chi Kung -  the absorption of ancient practices, which maintain and improve health, elongate life.  Chi Kung includes three aspects, which are intelligence, breath and physical body training.
Tai Chi Chuan – a psychosomatic discipline and a martial art. The movements of Tai Chi  bring flexibility and unbendable firmness, cure deceases and calm the mind down. They help to fill body with the power of life and to reach an unbelievable spiritual power.
Yoga– the practices of human’s development, which helps to improve the physical health  of the body and to clear the conscious. It brings youth, lightness, flexibility and invulnerability. Yoga is a unity of soul and body, a creative way to harmony with oneself and the world around.
Studies for children
The studies of martial arts for children are held in an interesting playful manner, which leads to  increase in children’s interest towards physical activity and self-development.
Apart from martial arts the studies include  lessons of art, versification, as well as learning the bases of human ethics, which develop creative moral and ethical qualities in children.  
Health improving studies
Unique and ancient oriental practices combined with contemporary and effective methods of health-improvement will help you to improve your health and feel good. Individual psychological consultations as well as psychological tests, which give the total estimate of person’s condition, are carried out by the specialists of our centre.
In The Centre different types of  massage are offered to you – classic, sport, Thai, Burmese, punctuate, bioenergetic, health-improving, anti-celltilitis  etc.

Corporate programs
For those employers, who are concerned with their employee’s health and with the workability of the staff, we offer short- and long-term programs of practices, focused on the issues of health-improving, correction of psychosomatic states, tea-ceremonies and many other things. Our price on regular studies is comfortable for you.


Our Center invites you to visit China (From July, 3rd till July, 18th)! The trip program includes such places, as Tibet, Lhasa, and Shaolin.



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