Massage cabinet

A massage cabinet is a workshop of health.  People come to a masseur in order not only to cure an aching back, but to treat an uncomfortable soul as well. The competent masseur is a brilliant psychologist at the same time, who helps to deal with the complicated situation and to summon up courage.
A cosy ambience, mild light, charming aromas and wonderful massage – what can be better? If you haven’t yet visited the magic kingdom of Massage this means that you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with this pleasant and effective method of health improvement in our Center.
There are practically no contra-indications and age limits to the massage – the only thing is to choose the correct treatment for each case. Within the help of massage you can relieve the strain and the tension in  mussels, to ease pain, to loose weight, to correct the posture, to increase efficiency.  
Our massage cabinet works in hour comfortable for you – you can visit us during your dinner break or after your working day. And you can order a service “Massage to the office” within the VVC territory.

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  • The next incorporated session of masseurs will take place on the 17th of October (Sunday) from 17.00 till 21.00. We'll be glad to see both young experts and the honoured professionals! This session will be interesting to everybody! The on-line translation and tea are expected! You are welcome!


Our specialists:

Ruslan R. Sarkeev
Valentin V. Dubovik  
Tagir R. Bektimirov
Aleksandr G. Zaporozhan





Our Center invites you to visit China (From July, 3rd till July, 18th)! The trip program includes such places, as Tibet, Lhasa, and Shaolin.



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